Sell gift cards for your small business through your Clover device.

Sell Gift Cards for Your Small Business Through Your Clover® Device.

  • Make More Money
  • Promote Your Shop, Store or Restaurant
  • Attract New Customers
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Offer Customers Gift Cards with Your Own Design

Offer Customized Gift Cards with Your Own Design

Sell Your Business Gift Cards to Customers

Sell Your Business Gift Cards to Customers

Boost Sales with Your Own Custom-Branded Gift Cards

Boost Sales with Your Own Custom-Branded Gift Cards



“The Gyft Business app has created an efficient and simplified way for us to issue and redeem gift cards. Not only has it driven more business for us, but it has given my customers more purchasing and gifting options”

Amy Keppeler, Barn Owl
Create Your Own Card

Create Your Own Card

Let your business shine with digital or plastic custom branded cards.

  • Upload your logo
  • Type your business name
  • Choose fonts and colors

The Gyft Business app is the Best Option for Merchants

Simple pricing for digital or plastic cards. Now you can order physical cards entirely online!

  • Marketing that works

    Boost sales and attract new customers with an easy gift card program for Clover devices!

  • No upfront cost, no monthly cost

    You only pay when a balance is loaded onto a gift card.

  • Easy to see results

    Your dashboard shows total sales with gift cards—versus total sales without. See the statistics that prove your gift card program is working.

Digital & Plastic

Digital & Plastic

Sell digital & physical gift cards to your customers.

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So Easy to Get Started on Clover

So Easy to Get Started on Clover

Set up the Gyft Business app on your Clover station in less than 10 minutes. We make it easy for you, your employees, and your customers.

  • Download the Gyft Business app from the Clover app store.
  • Start selling digital gift cards immediately!
  • Interested in physical gift cards? You can order directly through our Clover app and receive them at your door in as fast as 4 business days.

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Fill out your contact details and we'll be in touch as soon as the Gyft Business app is available for additional point-of-sale terminals.

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On average, customers spend 20% MORE than the value of their gift card. Make it happen at your business!

Don’t miss out. This effective marketing tool is within reach. Gift cards make a difference!

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